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Nothing reflects the freedom and beauty of the ocean more than a nautical knot bracelet, hand-crafted from authentic marine yachting lines. At WaterLine by Design, you’ll find five distinctive collections of sailor-made bracelets, each with a different look that reflects a unique aspect of the ocean, beach, sailing, or an outdoor adventure.

Shop the Mariner Collection for sailor’s square knot bracelets in solid colors and patterned designs. And of course, the versatile minimalist double line design can take on a whole new look in the braided vintage marine line of the Mooring Collection. The sleek, black and white Coastline Collection leaves the knot out for a look that is simple yet stylish, easily transitioning from the boat to the boardwalk. Our Windswept Collection features bracelets made from a single, thick piece of marine cordage that can be worn alone or stacked as desired. Colorful yachting line is used in the Dockside Collection for some fun and vibrancy.

Find the ones that reflect your own personality and spirit of adventure! No matter which of our nautical rope bracelets you choose, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, tough, and timeless style that clearly reflects your affinity for the open water. Order today. Free Shipping.