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We know how hard it is to choose just one nautical bracelet. That’s why we offer some great deals on our rope bracelets, while allowing you the variety that reflects every aspect of your personality! By pairing up bracelets from within our signature collections, we’re able to offer special pricing that makes it easy to buy affordable, unique jewelry for yourself or other travelers in your life. Browse our deals to find the perfect combination for the sailor, boating enthusiast or surfer on your gift list.

Stackable bracelets like our Coastline and Dockside collections pair together beautifully to give you an array of color options. The Mooring and Coastline designs create stunning simplicity using black and white braided cord. If you’re looking for more color, try our combination of Mariner and Windswept bracelets. It’s up to you to decide how simple or complex you want the pairing to be; wear them with any outfit for a limitless amount of stylistic options.

ade by hand to last for years, these accessories are just what you need to express your love of the water. So take advantage of these discount bracelets while they last!