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WaterLine Nautical Bracelets
Proudly Handcrafted by Sailors in the USA
Tested by Sailors. Approved by Water Lovers.

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You have questions, and we have answers! If you’ve been wondering about the details behind our beautiful yachting bracelets, the information below will supply you with everything you need to know. And if you have a question that isn’t answered on this page, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for friendly, experienced advice from our mariners.

Some basics first: WaterLine Nautical Bracelets are designed for water lovers and outdoor adventurists who want style and need durability, affordability, and comfort. Whether you’ve been looking for a fashionable women’s nautical bracelet or a strong men’s nautical bracelet, everything in our versatile collection is an excellent choice for timeless bracelets for men, women, or children. If you’re a beach-lover, sailor, or adventurer, imagine wearing an expertly crafted nautical bracelet to remind you of your day on the water...year round.

Navigate your way through our collection of durable outdoor adventure wrist wear: Mariner, Windswept, Mooring, Coastline, and Dockside. Features include:

  • Designs available in the classic sailor's square knot and minimalist single or double line
  • Handmade with vibrant, authentic performance marine yachting line (if the lines of our bracelets are not on boats, they won’t be found in our collection!)
  • Comfortable, double-locking, stainless steel magnetic clasp available in two designs
  • Boat and beach ready
  • Nautical gift box included


WaterLine Box

The right fit is easy. With our double lock magnetic clasp, your bracelet will be secure and ready for action! Select from four different sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

WaterLine bracelets are designed to be closely fitted to the wrist. To find your size, wrap a measuring tape around your wrist. (If you don't have a measuring tape, you can also use a strip of paper, marking your size and measuring the length with a ruler.) Then add a 1/2 inch to your measurement to find your bracelet size. Sizes are the same for all bracelet collections.

Measurements (These measurements include the added half inch. For example, if your wrist measurement is 7 inches, add 1/2 inch to equal 7.5 inches which is a size Medium.)

Small- 7 inch

Medium- 7.5 inch

Large- 8 inch

Extra Large- 8.5 inch

Extra, Extra Large- 9 inch

(Sizing may vary slightly with our handcrafted collection.)

Mariner Blue Square Knot Bracelet WaterLine Clasp Approximate Sizing Guide

Small- children and those with a petite wrist

Medium and Large- our most popular sizes for both men and women

Extra Large- plus size

Extra, Extra Large- plus size with a little extra room

(Sizing may vary slightly with our handcrafted collection.)


Orders of $35 or more receive FREE SHIPPING. Orders less than $35. pay a flat rate of $3.99 to ship nationwide. All orders are shipped via US Postal Service First Class Mail. You will be notified by email when your order has been shipped. Estimated delivery is usually between 7-10 business days, but often times sooner.


We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

However, if you have any issue with your order, please email us at [email protected] so we can assist you.


Our bracelets are handcrafted with authentic marine yachting lines. WaterLine bracelets are designed to be worn at the beach, on the boat, or any other outdoor adventure. The yachting line will not shrink and can easily be washed with a little soap and water. The stainless steel clasp is very durable and will not rust.


Our bracelets arrive wrapped in our signature, nautical keepsake gift box for that someone special.

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Restocking Fee for Exchanges Restocking Fee for Exchanges

To exchange a product, please purchase this restocking fee which will authorize an exchange/return. In the order comments indicate your previous Order Number, Items you will be returning, and the size you would like to exchange for instead. Once the Restocking Fee is purchased, a member of the WaterLine Team will email you instructions on where to mail your items to complete the exchange process.

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