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The Sailor's Story

The Sailor's StoryWith my love of the sea, my best moments are spent on the water. Nothing inspires me more than going for a sail, no matter what the conditions . . . the salt air, ocean spray, and satisfaction of travel by wind. Even if you can't change the wind direction, but you can always chart a new course.

As a millennial sailor, I am always looking for ways to introduce others to the sport of sailing. For one, it is ecologically friendly. Sailing requires little to no fuel, and the power of wind is truly a gift from Mother Nature. Secondly, sailing offers such a thrill and sense of adventure. Want to start sailing (on a budget that won't scare your wallet) and not sure how? Drop me a line anytime on our Contact Page or DM me on Instagram @waterlinebydesign and I'll do my best to get you started. I love talking to people about how they can start their own sailing adventures, even if they have never sailed before.

Inspired by sailing adventures, WaterLine by Design individually handcrafts authentic maritime, minimalist bracelets made here in the USA by sailors, like myself, for those with a passion for the water. For me, it is all about the quality, with ultra secure, stainless steel magnetic clasps and marine grade ropes. If the lines aren't used on boats, they are not in our collection! With that in mind and after a passage between Long Island, NY and Martha's Vineyard, WaterLine by Design was underway.

Add some nautical flair to your accessories to make you smile and remind you of your day on the water!

Wishing you smooth sailing ahead,

~Sassy Sailor (sass with class, of course)
~Ocean Lover
~Adventure Seeker
~WaterLine by Design Skipper