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Sailboat Underway WaterLine by Design Co-Founders

Nautically inspired bracelets combining American craftsmanship with a distinctive Italian flair connect you to your outdoor adventure. Two years after the launching of WaterLine by Design, the company continues its expansion of handcrafted nautical bracelets throughout the United States with plans to introduce a premium Italian collection for the upcoming season. Whether you are connected to the sea yourself or looking for that unique gift for the sailor, surfer, or adventurer in your life, navigate through this collection of durable, authentic, marine performance line wrist wear designed for both men and women. Inspired by a professional mariner while at sea, the collection features a minimalist style marine rope bracelet available in a variety of colors and sizes bringing to mind your day on the water, the beach, or the great outdoors. Available in a single, double, or mariner knot design, the bracelets can be worn anytime and transition well from your day on the water to an evening out. They also make perfect and timeless wedding favors or bridal party gifts. The WaterLine by Design bracelets are comfortable, designed to last a lifetime, and make a nautical statement. The collection is all about quality with stainless steel, ultra-secure magnetic clasps and marine grade ropes. If the lines are not used on boats, they are not found in the collection!

It began with two sailors after a passage between Long Island and Martha's Vineyard. With that, WaterLine by Design was underway. Growing up on Long Island, NY, Greg, Co-Founder, creative designer, and professional mariner, is passionate about sailing. As a graduate of Maritime College at Fort Schuyler and with a career as Port Captain, Greg's ocean devotion included many sea voyages. The nautical adventures continue today with his wife and chief mate, Toni, Co-Founder, MBA graduate, and a native Italian from a seaport town in the Puglia region of Italy. The WaterLine by Design collection uniquely combines American craftsmanship with Italian elegance. Focused on unequaled customer service and the company's mission to support maritime causes, Greg and Toni are excited to provide ongoing additions to their nautical bracelet collection to share with their seafaring fans. They believe it is not just about the bracelet collection, but more about you and your experience with the bracelet.

Smooth Sailing,
Greg & Toni, Co-Founders