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Our Story

Sailboat Underway WaterLine by Design Co-Founders

It began with two sailors one sun-drenched day after a passage between Long Island Sound and Martha’s Vineyard. We are not sure if it was the sunburn or the rope burn that caused us to ask how we could hold onto our wonderful memory long after the day’s end, but we knew we needed a special keepsake. We used some extra nautical line and a few of our favorite knots to make those first handcrafted bracelets, and with that, WaterLine by Design was underway. We decided to offer an entire ocean-inspired collection that will remind you of your day on the water or your time in the great outdoors. These performance-line bracelets are proudly handcrafted in America by sailors for sailors, boaters, beach-goers, and all outdoor adventurists. Our beach bracelets are made using an array of colors to reflect all the different styles and types of excursions you embark on, and each of our five collections features its own unique personality and design.

Growing up on Long Island, NY and graduating from a maritime college, my ocean devotion included many sea voyages and a career in the maritime industry. The nautical adventures continue today with my wife as chief mate. We are thrilled to embark on our next great adventure: a business that shares our nautical jewelry with other seafaring fans!

All of our handcrafted bracelets are made with care from sturdy rope, to stand up to the rigors of your outdoor lifestyle no matter where the current takes you. The bracelet you purchase today will still be with you as you head off to explore new territory in the years to come. May the bracelets become as cherished of a keepsake as your memories!

Smooth Sailing,
Greg & Toni, Co-Founders